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Making Sharing a Home Safe and Simple

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Published February 2024

London International Students is a group of Christians who strive to meet the practical, social and spiritual needs of London’s international students through various weekly and monthly events we hope that you can make London home during your studies. Many of these students come from countries where they have little opportunity to ever meet a Christian or hear the gospel.

London International Students has partnered with SpacesShared to create more housing options for international students. Together, they are empowering international students by connecting them with caring older adults offering safe and affordable home-sharing arrangements.

Who is SharedSpaces?
SpacesShared is a home sharing technology platform that empowers two key groups to meet and help each other: older adults and students.

SpacesShared seeks to alleviate two critical challenges facing Canadians – older adults ability to age in their own homes and remain connected to their communities, and students' ability to access safe and affordable housing near the campuses that they attend.

With backgrounds in public policy, social work, and technology development, the SpacesShared founders have seen first-hand the potential for technology to drive positive social and economic change. At the same time, they understand that a human touch is necessary to provide a feeling of safety and security for SpacesShared Hosts and Guests. Through intuitive technology, scheduled check-ins, and dedicated human support, SharedSpaces is committed to building, sustaining, and supporting intergenerational home-sharing.

Homesharing is probably as old as the invention of the spare bedroom. We know it benefits both parties. SpacesShared provides a point of connection for amazing people interested in homesharing to find compatible matches. If we change the way the world lives together we can make connections that can change our lives.

Comfort, safety, and compatibility are the building blocks of successful homesharing. The SpacesShared platform, process, and team are here to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe, and find a match that you are compatible with. We want you to have the best homesharing experience so gathered experts, designed our processes with care, and build our platform so that you wouldn't have to do it on your own.

Students and older adults have so much to offer one another and are perfectly positioned to help each other thrive. We're all looking for meaningful human connection, we all need a safe place to call home, and we all need community.

“We are proud to work with our partners to help young people succeed,” said Rylan Kinnon, CEO SpacesShared. “For young people, safe, affordable housing is directly related to success in postsecondary studies and, ultimately, success beyond school in the workforce. Preparing the future workforce is critical to building a strong economy for everyone .”

As postsecondary schools get to know SpacesShared, they are eager to partner to provide students with another option for safe, affordable housing. Older adult hosts benefit by turning a spare room into extra income, meaningfully giving back to their communities, and having an extra set of hands to help with chores or tasks. SpacesShared and its postsecondary school partners are working together to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time: affordable student housing, aging in place, and loneliness.

To Learn More:
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