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Published June 2022

Photo by on Unsplash

With this spring comes a new freedom that we have not experienced for 3 years. Most of us returned to in person church services back in late winter- early spring, as we slowly regaining a comfort level in face-to-face social gatherings. While we appreciated having ZOOM as the only alternative to stay connected with friends and family, isn’t it wonderful to again hug our love-ones?

But just as you greet this new freedom with excitement with your minds racing through the possibilities of what you now can do, where you now can go, another new reality is setting in. Everything and I mean everything cost more. Some, a little more and some have skyrocketed.

The price of a litre of fuel now cost +/-$2.15 in London. When you were planning your family vacation in June 2019, the price of fuel was $1.06 in London. So, it’s now double. Let’s say you postponed the family cross country vacation to Charlottetown PEI; gas would have costed you around $500. Earlier this year, the family decided, with the restrictions lifting and the numbers way done, this will be the year to make that PEI road trip.

...Time to work out the budget. Scratch out that $500 for fuel, it’s now about $1,085. Hotel costs are almost double as well, budget $200 per night times 2 rooms, times 14 days,...$5,600. Add in food and attractions… another $1,800. Total budget now $8,485---what!!??

Oh, but wait, the Holiday Inn is booked solid - try other hotels....all booked solid, no room at the inn, any inn.

Now what?

You’ve heard it – the staycation. And what a great place to be for a staycation!

Here are some Stay Cation options for the sports fans

For an absolutely great - inexpensive day take the short drive to St Mary’s to visit the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. The Hall of Fame and Museum commemorates great players, teams, and accomplishments of baseball in Canada. The Museum was founded in November 1982 in Toronto and in August 1994, it moved to St. Mary’s.

In the summer, through to the end of August, it’s open Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00 to 5:00 and the cost is just $12 for adults, kids over 10, $10 and kids under 10 are free.

The BIG weekend at the Hall of Fame is Father’s Day Weekend. This year, on Saturday June 18th when Dwane Ward, Pedro Martinez, Justin Morneau and Jeff Frances will be among the nominees present to accept their place in the Hall of Fame. There will be former Jays, Expo and other MLB players walking around so if you love baseball, there is no better place to be on June 18th than at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Click HERE for more information on the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Prefer live baseball? Obviously, attending a Jays game at Skydome, sorry, The Rogers Centre, especially this year, may be historic as their chances of playing in the World Series has not been this real for years.

Locally, the London Majors play at Labatt’s Park and it’s great quality baseball! The Majors “Play Ball!” Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s either at Labatt’s Park or playing away games in Kitchener, Guelph, Barrie, Toronto, Branford, Hamilton and Welland. (Click HERE for the 2022 Majors’ schedule.)

Just going to Labatt’s Park is an experience. Did you know that Labatt’s Park is the "oldest continually operating baseball grounds in the world", with a history dating back to 1877?

Want to go for a run for fun? Make your way to Boler Mountain on July 9th for the 5K Foam Fest, a one-of-a-kind Obstacle Course based Fun Run!

The run includes 22 obstacles with the world's largest inflatable waterslide, mud pits and 2.5 million cubic feet of foam!

Rock out all day to awesome music, enjoy a FREE kids' zone for kids 7 and under, taste delicious food, shop from local vendors and celebrate your success in our well-stocked beer garden.

With a variety of obstacles and a ton of foam, the 5K Foam Fest is an exciting challenge for experienced and beginner runners alike...Walk it, Run it, Charge it, Fun it; this course should be enjoyed at your own pace and all obstacles are optional!

Click HERE for more details.

Even though it’s summer, do you miss your hockey?

Do you know about 3ICE, a new, six-team, independent, three-on-three professional ice hockey league? The league is making a stop in London July 16th.

All six 3ICE teams will travel to each tour stop and compete in a tournament where each game will consist of two, eight-minute periods using a running clock on a full-sized rink. Each team has seven players (including one goalie) and competes in a nine-week season that will feature six games each night. The bracket-style single-elimination format will include three first-round games, two semifinal matchups, followed by a title game. Host cities include Denver, Grand Rapids, Hershey, Las Vegas, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Québec City and yes us, here in London.

In addition to the high-paced action, there will be some exciting engaging experiences planned and the organizers pledge to create an incredible atmosphere for we Londoners. Click HERE for more details and ticket information.

These are just a the a sampling of the literally hundreds of things to do and see in the area.

Still wanting more – check our Tourism London – click HERE.