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Published November 2021

In 1971 leading London and international businessman Weston Suchard experienced an epiphanic encounter with God that challenged him to search afresh for God's purpose for his life.

While attending the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota along with 10 friends and clients for their annual medical reviews, Suchard had a very unusual experience. Placed under a body X-Ray Scanner, he was examined by two and then four doctors for about an hour and a half for what was thought to be a large tumour on one of his lungs.

During this time, Suchard thought about what the future might hold for him, and he began to re-examine the priorities of his life. After the hour and a half, one doctor asked Suchard to get dressed and he would meet him in the waiting room. After a short period, the doctor visited Suchard and apologized saying he was very sorry, but they had a bad piece of X-ray film, and he had no lung issue. This has become a pivotal experience Suchard has never forgotten.

Through that life redirecting moment, Suchard realized that although he had been a Christian since he was seven years of age, at 39 he was perhaps putting business before following his first calling, that of spending time with and of sharing Jesus.

In his spirit he heard God telling him He had put him in a unique key position in which he had the opportunity to minister to businesspeople, business owners and executives who were unfamiliar with the message of evangelism. Through his success as a managing partner with the distinguished Coopers & Lybrand accounting firm in which he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, and known for his integrity, he had the ear of prominent international and local business owners and executives.

Suchard strategized a plan in which he could effectively yet discreetly share Jesus with his friends, clients, and business associates. He chose a tract- like booklet Steps to Peace with God by Billy Graham to give to those he was led to minister to, developed a hearing ear for both God and his associates’ hearts, and developed the gift of compassion to better meet their needs. And he became a real friend, not just for business reasons, to numerous of London’s prominent real estate developers and other various business owners.

It was not as though he had not served in ministry. Baptized at 13 at Hamilton Road Gospel Hall, a pianist, he played the piano at church and beyond. By the time he was 26 he was playing in a group the King’s Messengers Quartet.

Playing piano at Saturday night community events at Mission Services London led to his accepting an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors. Suchard served on the board for many years and was instrumental in founding the Mission Services of London Foundation. Suchard currently serves on the Board of Mission Services of London Foundation. And his concern for youth led him to serve on the Youth for Christ board.

His vocational life began with divine guidance. He finished London South High School in 1951, shy one credit for university enrolment. A partner of a local accounting firm, H.J. Cornish & Company, CPA Accountants, was a friend of Suchard's father and these gentlemen invited Suchard to employment for the summer of 1951.This summer work experience and the support of Harold Cornish who was on the CPA board for Canada, enabled Suchard to enrol in the CPA training course conducted by Queens University. Suchard graduated with a CPA degree in 1956 and became a partner in 1958 of what by then was Cornish, Mitchel and Co. CPA's. This would not be the last time the right hand of God would work in Suchard’s life.

Wes and Sally 50th wedding anniversary
In 1954 he married his high school sweetheart Sally Stacey with whom he had been inseparable at high school and growing up in the church. Sally was a teacher and unbeknownst to them God was growing a team ministry for the couple.

The family, which now included three children, began attending Wortley Baptist church and shortly thereafter, Sally was led to develop a weekly women's Bible study at their home. This group was a part of Wortley's women's coffee hour study group. When Suchard was in town he would come in and play the piano to end the evening.

They built a large new home, Pleasant Valley Farms, just outside of Byron, that was as much about ministry as it was a residence. The property included a second building which was designed to accommodate large groups for fellowship dinners and women's study groups.

Suchard hosted weekly Bible studies and networking events in a downtown location where he could disciple and fellowship with friends who were now new converts.

When Suchard finally reduced the time devoted to his business, he had no plans to retire from ministry, he and Sally enjoyed time travelling in a RV. In his career Suchard, occasionally accompanied by Sally, had visited many countries on most continents and it was time to discover North America together.

Sadly, Sally passed too soon in 2011 and for the first time in 59 years, Suchard was alone. His adult children had families and lives of their own. But God still had plans for Suchard.

One day he received a phone call from a lady friend of Sally's who mentioned that Mae Phelps, a recently widowed woman they knew from Wortley, was looking to sell her RV. Suchard helped facilitate the sale of Mae's RV. That led them to learning that they had many common interests, one of which was music.

Wes and Mae Piano duet Starkey Road Baptist Church Florida
The couple were married in 2013. A fun part of their relationship is enjoying music together. They are both pianists and Mae also plays the bass guitar. Several years ago, 8mm recordings of the King’s Messengers Quartet rehearsals in 1965 were found in a basement and Suchard had them converted to CD's. Suchard is delighted to share this CD with others as noted below. With that same enthusiasm for making music, the couple regularly enjoy playing piano duets. In recent years, the couple has provided musical programs in their home church in London and for the church they attend in Florida and for other senior groups.

They are currently creating a CD entitled, “Old Favourites, some with four hands on the piano.

Wes and Mae have graciously offered both CDs free of charge to readers of Christian Life of London! To receive your copies drop a note by email to or call 519-438-5833. We will arrange to have one sent to you.