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“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”
Proverbs 19:21, ESV

Almost two years ago, a working group was formed to begin to put together a plan to bring The Celebration with Will Graham to London. I am blessed to be a part of this committee which is made up of a great group of London Christians working alongside with the Calgary based team of the Billy Graham Association of Canada. About this time last year, we set our sights on a weekend for the Celebration to be held. It 2020 at the Budweiser Centre here in London, but, we all know what happened to change that plan!!

The London Celebration with Will Graham will happen, and once it is safe for us all to congregate in a big way, a new date for this event will be worked out.

In the meantime, On Tuesday October 6th, an international livestream outreach event with Will Graham was held, attended by tens of thousands in London, all over Canada and around the world. I know that so many of you would have wanted to attend but don’t despair as it is not too late. It was a fun, inspirational evening and I am thrilled to tell you, you DIDN’T MISS IT! Click HERE to “attend” at the time you choose. You will hear award-winning music from The Afters and listen as Will Graham shares the life-giving message of eternal hope in Jesus Christ.

Rick Vandekieft