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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

The Jerusalem Assassin (Marcus Ryker #3)

Author: Joel C. Rosenberg

Genre: Christian Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Contemporary romance

ISBN 1496437845
ISBN-13: 9781496437846

Publishing Date: March 17, 2020

Availability in London:
Creation Bookstore.

Available in: Paperback

Reviews courtesy of: Goodreads


The Jerusalem Assassin
(Marcus Ryker #3)
by Joel C. Rosenberg (Goodreads Author) 4.53 · Rating details · 1,377 ratings · 189 reviews

"A taut, brilliant thriller ripped right from today's headlines. Joel Rosenberg is masterful! The Jerusalem Assassin is an absolute home run." --Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Backlash

From the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author!

The enemy is invisible and moving fast. The body count is rising. And time is running out.

Marcus Ryker has spent his entire career studying killers. One thing he knows for sure: a peace summit is the ultimate stage for an assassination.

President Andrew Clarke is determined to announce his historic peace plan from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But when senior American officials who support the plan begin violently dying, Clarke orders Ryker and his team of CIA operatives to hunt down those responsible and bring the killing spree to an end.

When the Palestinians denounce the American plan, the Saudis signal they may be ready to forge a historic treaty with Israel. Could the Saudi king's support be the missing ingredient that will lead to peace at long last?

Ryker soon uncovers a chilling plot to kill the American president. A well-resourced international alliance is dead set against the peace plan. They will stop at nothing to strike a blow against the Americans and seize leadership of the Muslim world.

With all eyes on Jerusalem and the president in the crosshairs, it's up to Ryker to eliminate the terrible evil that's been set in motion. The fate of the region depends on his success. He has 48 hours.


Cara Putman rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 4 out of 5 STARS
Another page-turner of an international thriller. The tension builds to a fevered pitch as the book works through four parts. A new terror organization is committing tight operations against the USA's top international negotiators. The hunt to stop them from the ultimate targets is tight and down to the wire. Excellent read for those who love Tom Clancy and Daniel Silva with a faith thread.

Kristine Morgan rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Another awesome read from Joel Rosenberg. The Jerusalem Assassin is a fascinating book that is full of action. It reads as fresh as today's newspaper. Although none of the characters are real, one could easily see the events taking place. I love Joel's books, his government contacts, and his duel citizenship brings realism to his story. I can't wait for his next novel. So grab your favorite beverage and settle in for a great read!

Victoria Bylin rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 5 out of 5 STARS
A little slow to start and a tad bit confusing with so many characters, but wow! It comes together in the end. Couldn't put it down and even got choked up during the final chapters.

Carol Ghattas rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 4 out of 5 STARS
I was thrilled to get an advanced copy at a recent Public Library Association convention and quickly dove into the book. As usual, Rosenberg keeps you engaged in his latest complex thriller. Though fiction, it's a plausible plot, though some aspects are less than believable. A great read.

Courtney Freet rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 4 out of 5 STARS
Lots of characters, wish I would have jotted notes down about their actions next to their names in the character list, but otherwise another great thriller by Rosenberg!

Jeff Jeffcoat rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 5 out of 5 STARS
A real thriller centered in the mid-east. No profanity by a Christian author.

Lee Hudson rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 5 out of 5 STARS
As usual, another Rosenberg novel ends too quickly.

James Winchell rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Another great book written by Joel. This Marcus Ryker series has been amazing from the first book to this book. The action starts and never stops until the last page. My heart pounds until I finish reading the last words. I love how he is able to place you right in the scene, his description of the area are spot on. Great job again. It’s a must read for Brad Thor and Brad Taylor readers.

Mark Easter rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 3 out of 5 STARS
After loving every Rosenberg prior to the Ryker series, but now being somewhat disappointed by all three Ryker books, I am left wondering if the Ryker series is destined to never make it to my "Favorites" shelf. I still feel quite detached from Ryker as a character. Ryker remains a fuzzy, partially formed character I only feel an acquaintanceship with rather than the "hero I have come to know and cheer for" that I am rooting for him to be, ala David Shirazi.

The rapid-fire chapters, all short and nearly the same length from beginning to end, seem to me to inhibit any chance of the storyline attaining any depth. The mechanism works well for the climactic portions of the story causing the plot to bloom, rapid-fire, at the right times and pulling the reader in, keeping one from scarcely catching a breath, but the trunk of the book where the plotlines are set up and characters should be developed are left lean and starving and fragmented.

Technically, I found TJA much more credible than the earlier two books that too often stretched credulity to the breaking point. The only time I caught myself gasping, "They did WHAT?", in TJA, was when a breaching charge was used to enter the first floor of a building possibly harboring a highly dangerous, heavily armed, possibly suicidal suspect that needed to be taken unawares or at least alive -- what could possibly go wrong with that? And then, there was the lack of roof coverage of the building following the breach. I also believe there were some twists I thought were coming and I am sure Rosenberg considered but pulled his punches on due to the nature of the settings, players, and personal friendships and contacts involved. Fair enough.

All that said, I did find the climax and resolution engaging. I still have hope for Ryker. The elements are there for a great story told by a great storyteller

Sarah Pugh rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 3 out of 5 STARS
Not his best novel

This one was not a quick or exciting read; rather it was a bit drawn out and lacked a sense of urgency throughout the story- maybe it was too long? Too many players? It was a good story but got a bit too evangelical and heavy. Not a waste of time per se, but it just didn’t have a good pace. I also need to know what happened to the Shahids wife, and the Turkish president.

Becky Willey rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 4 out of 5 STARS
I really enjoy These books. They are clean political thrillers. This one took a while to get I to because of all the different names and groups of people. Had a hard time keeping them straight. The second half was much better and I enjoyed it a lot :)

Cara Von Tress rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 3 out of 5 STARS
This was only a 3-star read for me until the last third of the book. Too many characters to keep track of (there may have been some coronavirus distraction to blame, as well.)

Donna Hines rated “The Jerusalem Assassin” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Imagine reading a book that is so true to current political events you almost have to wonder is this, "Deja Vu?"

This is in all actuality the first book I've read by Rosenberg but will not be my last; as less than half way through reading this Netgalley ARC I immediately went online and reserved two more in this series alone.

That's a testament to a wonderful writer who takes to heart his work and lives and breathes what he portrays to his readers. His knowledge, experience, and expertise was apparent in the reading.

I was on the edge of my seat right from the start & couldn't give this book up for nothing.

As I type this review I have the television tuned to the Impeachment Of 'DT' in the backdrop playing and I cannot imagine how our country and the world will fair but I can only pray neither experience what many survivors of malignant narcissists like myself have had to endure.

In fact, the similarities are striking and noted.

It's as shown here --Deny, Delay, Dismiss, Devalue, Discard, Destroy! Herein after the use of every means and tactic necessary to silence whether it be through smear campaigns, manipulation, brainwashing, threats, blackmail, gaslighting, smoke, fog, projection, mirroring, corruption, or the like.

The characters here are meaty, driven, and tenacious beyond words from all realms far and wide.

Certainly, Marcus Ryker our main special op will do everything he can to not allow an assassination at the Peace Summit via President Andrew Clarke.

In fact, the questions are posed to readers by this author to ponder ..Will Palestinian leaders resist peaceful efforts? Will Saudi's make peace with Israel even with a rejection from Palestinians?

So, this statement "I come in peace" may need to be re-examined in a different more striking light.

True as it may be Iran is at the center of it all the notion that it falls upon all of us to allow more love and less hate with more acceptance to diversity and race is apparent and severely needed.

Paranoia is in the air with suicide bombers on the rise right alongside terrorist and hackers daily.

Even though Ryker may have exposed the plot to kill the American President he may have also opened up a can of worms in exposing the extent terrorists will go to hide and stake claim to the countless innocent lives that will be disposed of in execution of the mission.

Thank goodness for those who serve to protect us and these special op units.

The manner in which we must continue to stay on top of the latest security measures is crucial for all Americans and our Allies.

In closing the ending was striking and I can't wait to read the next work by Joel C. Rosenberg.