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Meet Liz Forkin Bohannon, who recently released her first book: Beginner's Pluck. Liz is the founder of Sseko Designs and this past summer, she spoke at the Global Leadership Summit and her books sold out immediately - and for a good reason.

Liz Forkin Bohannon was recognized in 2017 by Forbes as a top public speaker and named by John Maxwell as one of the top three transformational leaders in the US. Liz has appeared on Shark Tank and has been recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek, the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, and the Bush Institute Global Women's Award.

A decade ago, Liz quit her job and bought a plane ticket to Uganda where she met 25 young women unable to afford university. She taught these young women how to make sandals, and promised them that if they did, they would earn enough money to go to university. Liz returned home to the United States and sold the sandals out of the back of her car which evolved into her social enterprise: Sseko Designs.

In Liz Forkin Bohannon Beginner’s Pluck, Liz shares some of the lessons she's learned over the past 10-years of building a life of purpose, passion and impact as well as her 14 accessible steps to reaching personal fulfillment.

There's no lack of people out there telling you to find your passion and dream big. But why does it seem like when we try, we so often end up more lost and overwhelmed than when we started?

Liz Forkin Bohannon wants you to rethink everything you've been told about finding your passion and following your dreams. Why? Hate to break it to you, but you're likely never going to "find your passion." Because your passion and purpose are something you build--actively--day by day. In her signature tell-it-like-it-is fashion, Liz shares 14 actionable principles that will teach you how to do just that. With total transparency, Liz shares hilarious and heartbreaking stories of her journey of screwups and successes that illustrate the mindsets and principles that will give you a jolt of energy, inspiration, and direction toward your True North. By embracing your Inner Beginner, dreaming small, choosing curiosity over criticism, and so much more, Liz's story and the principles of Beginner's Pluck will have you on your way to building a life of purpose, passion, and lasting impact.

Whether you’re at the starting blocks, the crossroads, 10-days into your vocational journey or 30-years in, Beginner’s Pluck is for you . CLICK HERE to read the first chapter of Beginner's Pluck, here, and download the Beginner's Pluck memes and shareable resources by clicking here.