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The New Joytv is now available through Bell and Rogers Cable London
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Despite the rise of online news platforms and social media news distribution, television remains one of the top sources of news for Canadians, particularly those over 50 years old. TV is one of the most trusted sources of news and, for older audiences, tends to be the first-place news is seen.

While there are news outlets across Canada that offer real-time updates on world events and scintillating discussion on contemporary issues, there has not yet been a news channel in Ontario which intentionally and explicitly presents the news from a Christian vantage point. However now, Joytv, a television network based in Surrey, BC, is bringing news to Christians living in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The new Joytv is now available through Bell Satellite – Channel 656 and Rogers Cable – Channel 173 here in London. Joytv is a Canadian television brand owned by ZoomerMedia. Their mission is to reflect diversity and to inspire JOY. Joytv broadcasts faith-based programming, documentaries and features that have a strong focus on the community. Joytv rests on three programming pillars: Local, Multicultural, and Spiritual/faith-based (including paid programs).

Joytv programming is available in more than 5.2 million across Canada. ZoomerMedia Limited is a multimedia company founded by broadcast pioneer Moses Znaimer that is uniquely designed to serve the world’s largest and most affluent generation.

The newsblock will feature programming from two major Christian voices in the international news world: CBN NewsWatch and ILTV.

Featuring cutting-edge news from around the world, CBN NewsWatch offers compelling news content from a Christian perspective. CBN NewsWatch is now available in Ontario on Joytv, weekdays at 9pm ET.

ILTV operates as Israel’s voice to the world, providing daily, televised news, in English, directly from Israel. Their team exists to bring breaking news, emergency updates, and interviews with world leaders in politics, technology, innovation and more, to viewers around the globe. ILTV is now featured on Joytv in Ontario, weekdays at 9:30pm ET.

Joytv’s programming features popular faith-based shows such as 700 Club Canada, In Touch, Life Today (with James Robison), Jim Cantelon Today, 100 Huntley Street, Daily TV Mass (morning & evening), and Let My People Think (with Ravi Zacharias). From 9-10pm (ET), Joytv presents viewers with cutting-edge news from around the world. This is the only newsblock of its type, and offers a unique, Christ-centred outlook that shines light and hope into the darkness.

Click HERE for a complete listing of Joytv programming.


Click HERE for more on CBN NewsWatch.

Click HERE for more information on ILTVILTV.