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By By Matt Loveday - Village Green Community Church

Every year at Village Green Community Church as the days begin to cool and school buses begrudgingly emerge from their summer hibernation, our community gets together to celebrate the start of another season.

We call it the Westmount Fall Festival. It’s an opportunity for everyone in our neighbourhood to come together, have some fun and share some information about ways we help one another, encourage one another and make our community healthier, stronger and safer.

This year, over 200 people enjoyed our gathering as community partners from 12 different local organizations promoted all the ways they serve and strengthen our neighbourhood. These community partners are also our friends. Mudrika Hamou from the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre uses a makeshift office in our church foyer to tirelessly serve the settlement needs of so many new Canadians who are bravely making a fresh start in a new country.

Michelle Moses from the Boys and Girls Club helps to lead “The Gathering Place”, a senior’s group that meets downstairs and offers a place to connect and feel welcome. Susan Oster from the Alzheimer’s Society runs a program called “Minds in Motion” offers support for those in our community who are effected by memory loss.

Sue Bechard and the friendly team at the Westmount Family Centre support parents and children through the pressures of family life. Our friends serve all over Westmount – at the Westmount Public Library, with Key Bible Clubs, as Settlement workers in Schools, with Spectrum of London as well as many other organizations and clubs.

As a church, we serve our community too. We help meet needs and run various programs, but above all else, we offer a safe and welcoming place to explore faith and work towards becoming more and more like Jesus. The Westmount Fall Festival reminds me that we are all working together to build a better Westmount through serving the needs of those who live beside us.

As I thought about this year’s Westmount Fall Festival and the partnerships we have developed in our community, I realized something that took me by surprise. We have more people walk through the doors of our building on Monday to Saturday than we do on a Sunday morning. This means we have more “unbelievers” walking into our church than we do “believers”. At first thought, this may seem odd – but as I think and pray on these things, my heart is glad. I am glad that the doors of our church are open to our community. I am glad that we are not alone in our efforts to serve the needs of those around us. And I am glad that God has blessed us with the ability to change our community and change our world through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

To all churches and to all communities working at building community together: “Let us not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

Village Green Community Church