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By Gil Clelland

For over three years, Darryl and Gil were the only staff at Sanctuary London. There have been some amazing volunteers, friends, and board members (with obvious overlap in those "categories") who have all come alongside us in our journey. But, the only staff have been Darryl and Gil. Until now!

Darryl and Gil are excited to share that Sanctuary is looking to hire one person as a full time outreach worker and another person as summer relief staff. Introducing… Jeremy Jongejan and Richard Drew.

Jeremy Jongejan - working towards coming on as full-time Outreach Pastor - with a focus on Music starting August 1, 2014. Gil met Jeremy in the summer of 2008 when Gil spoke at a summer youth service project. Jeremy was the worship leader. They clicked instantly. Jeremy's heart broke during that week for the work we do.

And Gil's heart sang as he participated in Jeremy's gifted leading of worship. They jokingly shared a dream that week that someday they would work together. That far off dream looks like it will soon be a reality! Jeremy is a wonderful musician whose unique voice, skills, and passion in singing/songwriting as well as teaching abilities will be an attribute to our community. His heart for those with less makes him an easy fit. We see Jeremy fulfilling some of the following:

  He has been asked to develop an outreach into areas where music can go, our friends on the street often go, and the "Gospel" has not often gone - specifically the local pubs and bars. Jeremy has played with his band "The Ashgrove" for quite a few years. And after playing in some of these pubs and bars, he has had some wonderfully "spiritual" conversations with some of the patrons. THAT will now be his job!

He will be coming alongside people who attend Sanctuary's drop-ins and working with them to share their story through music. He can teach some skills but also learn to incorporate the amazing stories of some of our friends on the streets through song writing, playing together, or just growing a relationship over a cup of coffee.

He will be part of the Sunday worship service - joining the worship team and offering his skills to that team. His family - wife Lisa, and 3 daughters, Alivia, Emma, and Stella have already attended the service a few times and sensed that they are at "home" there in many ways.

Richard Dew - working towards becoming summer relief staff. Richard and his family - wife Carla, son Mitchel and daughter Makela have been attending our worship services for about a year. The Dews dove into our community in many wonderful ways. They help with drop-ins (Richard is an amazing cook), host our friends at their home, introduce new people to Sanctuary, and love our community members with a sense of joy. As Richard is heading towards a year of teacher's college next fall, he wanted an opportunity to serve in our community as staff for 16 weeks this summer. This would allow Darryl and Sarah to have some time around the birth of their child (due in June) and have a vacation together as a new family.

It would also allow Gil to take time away for vacation as a family, speaking at camps and service projects, and time for writing. But time away would not put too much pressure on just ONE other staff member because Richard would be there! It's a win-win for all involved.

As Richard shared on his blog ( ), "I have been welcomed by that community, and I am humbled by that reality. I am just a man with willing hands, two mobile feet, and a heart that is too often hardened against the struggles of this life. My Sanctuary family softens me. I am grateful to belong here. I am grateful for this chance to serve. " As Sanctuary continues to grow in numbers and impact, our staffing needs will increase as well. We still hope to hire a female staff to work with some of the particular needs of the females in our community. We are trusting that God is calling us to this. These decisions are not taken lightly by our community, our board, or our staff. We also know the cost in part gets paid by our supporters.

So, we trust in a God who will provide for all the ways He leads. If you would like to play a role in supporting these exciting changes to Sanctuary, we've enclosed a response form for you! And again, the more that you share these newsletters with others, the more that others can share in what Sanctuary is up to!