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Christian Life in London Stay-Cation Contest Winners Announced
Canadian Thanksgiving – A Liturgical Festival
London's Good Samaritans Dan Morand - Spreading God's Love to the Forgotten of London (GOOD SAMARITAN)
Let’s Pray for Canada’s Federal Election
Laurie Marks Vincent Introduces the Blessing Fund
Ian puts his Culinary Skills to Work at London Youth for Christ's "Café Connect"
Pray for Education
BookMark - Vow of Justice (BOOK REVIEW)
A First Time Need: James’ Story of Shelter Diversion
Meet my Dragons
Refuge Ministries Canada Equipping Churches for Youth Prison Ministry in Their Community
God is watching! (HUMOUR)
Video – The Color Musical Choir Presents "You Raise Me Up" (VIDEO)
10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace
August 2019 Lindau, Germany
The New President of the Arctic Missions Outreach Trust Fund “My Vision for the Church”

The Christian Life in London Stay-Cation Contest has come to a close, at least for this year. We want to thank the sponsors; London Residence Inn by Marriot, Fleetway, Golden Griddle, Kipps Lane Fish & Chips. These fine London companies have enabled us to award three prizes each with a value of over $200.

To be eligible for the draw, the contestant needed to answer:
Sunfest, Ribfest, Fall Fest, Home County Music & Art Festival and the International Food Festival combined, is expected to attract over 500,000 people to this London Park in 2013. Which park will host these 5 events?
Gibbons Park
Springbank Park
Victoria Park
Sifton Bog

Obvious to most but not to all - the answer was Victoria Park. For the most part, the weather has cooperated and if you joined in, you know that the Park has been packed.

We expected lots of entrees to this fun contest but we certainly didn't expect the huge number of entrees we received. There were many that entered often as encouraged to do so in the Official Rules.

We hope that our contest and Stay-Cation article has prompted you to enjoy more of the many London activities for all ages. For the budget conscious, there are plenty of fun activities to include on the Summer-Fun To-Do list that are low or no cost. If you missed our article on London Area Stay-Cations, just Click HERE

Now for the draw, from the nearly 1000 entries, the winners are:
  • Karen Wiseman
  • Brian Seeley
  • John Aukema

Congratulations Karen, Brian and John and enjoy your stay trip in beautiful London Ontario.

PS: To anyone that likes to win stuff — be on the lookout for the next Christian Life in London Contest which will be introduced in the September edition.